Best Welding Respirators 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

The welding respirator is equipment or protective cover used for safety purposes to prevent welder’s fumes and gases. People who deal with metal and welding materials need a welding respirator to prevent inhaling any harmful fumes and gases. The welding respirator is important as it helps to cover the face, mouth, and nose by preventing inhalation of harmful toxic substances in the air. These gases and fumes have short-term effects like temporary irritation to the eye and skin. Welding respirators efficiently filter poisonous fumes and gases. It lets you breathe fresh air into the respiratory system and lungs. The respirators are available in different types for different works. The perfect welding respirator can prevent serious health issues like heart disease, lung cancer, and many more.

Many welding respirators are available in the market, but buyers need to know the essential criteria to choose the best welding respirators. While selecting the best welding respirator to consider the following things: a valuable brand, reliability, size, price, reusable, disposable, and the respirator purifies the air properly. Moreover, welding respirators help a person to work for many hours without harming health. Here, we will provide a list of top welding respirators that are best individually with their excellent features.

Best Welding Respirator Reviews 2020

#1. RANKSING ST-AX Reusable Dust Half Respirator

The RANKSING ST-AX reusable standard respirator is a dust proof respirator and suitable in cement factories, ceramic factories power plants, and wood processing companies. It reduces wearing pressure and provides a perfect seal. This best welding respirator is adjustable with a stretch fitting that feels durable. It protects UV rays, airborne particles, plaster, mist, silica dust, welding fumes, and toxic gases with a proper ventilation system. The larger surface of the filtration area allows maximum airflow for comfortable working.

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It is made of non-allergenic materials, including silicone-free face seals. The high-quality rubber and soft texture make this product very comfortable. The best part of this respirator, it is hypoallergenic. It offers more extended service as it comes with a reusable design. Half respirator allows all-round vision with excellent respiratory protection. Here, you will get the convenience of the dual filtration system that ensures the best quality and safety. This respirator also provides protection from airbrush, graffiti particles, and machine sanding. You can conveniently use it for renovation work, sawing work, demolition, and grinding. This welding respirator also efficiently works with Resin dust. So, if you are looking for the best welding respirators, surely go for it.


  • It is lightweight in wearing
  • Value for money product
  • Stretchable and warmth in wearing
  • Comfortable and easy to breath
  • Work comfortably for a long term period by wearing this respirator
  • Excellent customer service
  • Durable construction
  • Nice Cooling feature


  • The trouble with fitting as per face
  • Bulky in size
  • Price is a little high

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#2. Reusable Half Face Cover, NASUM M201 Face Cover

NASUM M201 face cover is a half reusable respirator with high-quality silicon mixture material at the sealing edge. It has a soft texture, which provides a comfortable feeling with a perfectly designed strap belt for all head sizes. Anti-fog splashing protects any invasion of tiny substances. The cotton filters give a longer service life to the respirator. Also, the half-cover design demonstrates a wide-field view with the perfect fitting both for man and woman.

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It is convenient to use for domestic work purposes like paint spraying, paint roller, paint gun, and painting work with the brush. Industry workers must get special comfort while working in power plants, labs, ceramic factories, wall art, stone processing, interior designing, and polishing, by using this top rated welding respirator. It has complimentary features with a rotation mechanism to install the filter box by rotating it left side upward direction and right side downward direction. It is made of food-grade silicone material that ensures maximum comfort. Flow value helps to dissipate heat and moisture to reduce user fatigue. It has a flexible cover to fit perfectly for any face shapes. In the market, it is one of the best products for its proper filtration mechanism. Moreover, any outside smells don’t come after wearing this respirator.


  • Lightweight and value for money
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Proper filtration process with fresh breathing air
  • Comfortable on a long-term use
  • Effective dust cover with replacement filters
  • Easy to install filters
  • Maximize protection


  • Heavy for nose
  • It is hard to talk by wearing it

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#3. Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator

The Half Facepiece respirator is completely reusable with its six pieces of filters. These filters are helpful for comfortable breathing. The protection of cotton material provides comfort while wearing. This mask is a safety respirator and approved for respiratory protection against organic particles and vapors. The limits of this respirator are ten times higher than the permissible exposure limit. It is pre-assembled with permanently attached cartridges, and it is disposable. It is suitable for workers of graffiti paintings, cement factories, metal melting, and sawdust. The half-cover design is comfortable with welding and sanding shields.

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It provides a wide field view for the users and usable both for men and women during machine sanding airbrush, paints roller, paint spraying, and other works. This best welding respirator design helps to maintain external and internal air circulation with filter value. The buckle is connected with the elastic band to adjust automatically. Anyone can easily adjust it for making themselves comfortable as per their needs. It is made of soft and stretchable rubber that is skin-friendly. The empty internal space helps to breathe comfortably. It has a replaceable filter device with the cleaning of every time use through disinfectant, dried, or alcohol. It is recommended to use as it is comparatively affordable than the other welding respirators.


  • Comfortable and great fit
  • The small size is perfect for girls
  • Ideal for dust protection
  • Replaceable filters
  • Reusable cotton protectors
  • Half face cover offers the best protection


  • Less filter function
  • The filter is not double plated

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#4. Reusable Half Face Cover, NASUM 308 Face Cover

NASUM 308 face cover is fully adjustable with a comfort strap. It is designed to make it suitable for all head sizes, along with tight wearing. The sealing edge is made of high-quality silicone mixture material. The soft texture provides a comfortable feeling along with anti-fog splashing. It can prevent any invasion of tiny substances. This product is suitable for the shoot, workshop, eye protection DIY, Sawfly, Railway, fabrication, and soldering work.

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It comes with a reusable design with two pairs of cotton filters for replacement purposes. Generally, this face cover is used in outdoor or enclosed environments like garages, workplaces, lofts, circular saw, and factory floors. It helps to protect against oil-based mists, fibers, fiberglass, MDF hand tools, Rock wool, brick dust, silica, and hard or softwood workling. It is designed for full face cover, and a large lens helps for a comfortable wide view while sanding and welding. At the front-side, the flow valve can reduce moisture and heat and ensure fresh breathing. In this model, the safety glasses are used with shock proofing and waterproofing PET lenses. It is the best choice for working purposes in the industry of workshops. The safety features are designed as per users’ needs and convenience.


  • Disposable Ear Plugs
  • Replaceable Cotton filter
  • Easy headbands with proper adjustment
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Balanced Design
  • Flexible frame
  • Exhalation valve and low profile replaceable cartridges for better visions.
  • The filter is easy to assemble


  • It can’t protect from urethane fumes
  • Not reliable for paintwork

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#5. Face Cover NASUM Face Cover Reusable Half Face Cover

NASUM face cover is designed as a half-face cover for reuse, and the sealing edge is made of high-quality silicone blend material. It is comfortable and suitable for the face, and adjustable straps are designed for tight wearing. The soft texture gives a user-friendly wearing feeling. It is ideal for all kinds of head sizes for both men and women. It has a longer service life with a reusable design. It is an effective wearing face cover for workplaces like outdoor work, machining, construction, sawfly, chainsaw work, electricians, desert, designer, and infield workers.

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It is comfortably used for painting works along with ceramic factories, stone processing, polishing, powder processing, interior design, and shipyards. On occasions like grinding work, renovation work, demolition work, and sawing work, this half face cover is compatible. The half-cover design provides a wide field range to view and compatible with sanding shields and welding. It has a proper installation process of filters. The left side rotates upwards, and the right side rotates downwards. Headbands are easy to adjust and comfortable to wear along with a flexible nosepiece. This best welding respirator is made of food-grade silicone material. It is highly recommended for safety purposes.


  • Elastic silicon used for comfortable wearing
  • Better filtration process
  • Installation of filters is easy
  • Standard safety measures
  • Good quality
  • Comfortable wearing for a long time
  • Flow valve helps to dissipate moisture and heat


  • The filter installation process is a bit complicated
  • Straps are weak

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How To Purchase The Best Welding Respirator 2020-

There are several brands available for welding respirators. Hence, it may be confusing to choose the best welding respirator. Here, we will provide a complete buying guide, so that you can make the best purchase.

  • Respirator type-

While purchasing a welding respirator, you need to consider the type first. There are several types of welding respirators available that include a full-mask respirator, half-mask respirator, disposable respirator, reusable welding respirator, and air-purifying respirator. You need to choose a particular type of welding respirator according to your work requirement.

  • Materials-

While you are purchasing a welding respirator, you need to consider the material also. It is essential to consider the perfect material as the durability of the product depends on the best material. Generally, most of the welding respirators are made of silicones. It makes the product strong and durable. Silicone made welding respirators can bear high temperature and a humid environment as well. Also, some of the respirators are made of long lasting mesh material. The mesh materials offer comfort and good durability. Moreover, you can breathe easily through this mesh welding respirator. If you have allergy issues, you should avoid latex or PVC material.

  • Fit and design-

After considering the material, you need to consider the fit and design of the welding respirator. The design of the mask ensures the convenience of the mask. Though there, you will notice some differences in some replaceable parts of the shield. You should opt for those respirators particularly, that will be easy to put on and take off. Fitting is also a crucial factor to consider while purchasing a welding respirator.

There are several sizes available according to different brands. You have to go through the size chart of a particular product to understand which size will be a perfect fit for you. Many users look for a specific respirator that will be neat and smart in design. In this case, you should look for a model that will not fog up your glasses and leave enough space for your helmet, muffs, and ears. It’s completely the users’ choice which respirator they will choose as per their preference.

  • Comfort and breathability-

Comfort and breathability is also an important aspect to consider while purchasing a welder respirator. Therefore, you have to choose a respirator that will be breathable. If it will not be breathable enough, it will make your lungs feel heavy and suffocating.

A non-breathable welding respirator will affect your working efficiency as well. The valve system of the respirator plays an essential role for better airflow. Therefore, while making a purchase, you should go through the product features to ensure the product is breathable enough that you are purchasing. Also, don’t compromise with the comfort of the welding respirator. There are some elements that affect the comfort of the respirator. You should avoid such materials. You also should consider the headbands or the hook as it also offers the comfortability of the product.

  • Uses-

There are not so many single-use welding respirators that can handle the tasks of a welder. Still, there are several good quality welding respirators that can last for longer. The disposable respirators are very convenient to use. After work, you can easily throw it out. With these respirators, you also don’t have to spend time on maintenance. For this reason, mainly, disposable respirators are highly wanted. These respirators are also very breathable and lightweight. But if you are looking for a welding mask for working in exposure to dangerous particulate, moistures, toxic metals, you have to choose a product that will be durable and made with good quality materials. You have to choose the welding respirator according to your usage needs.

  • Purification system-

It is also very essential to consider while you are purchasing a welding respirator. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health approves the quality of each welding shield.

According to different brands, the purification level differs. You have to choose your preferred respirator according to the task that you will perform. Some of the welding respirators also come in a set of multiple filtering pieces and cartridges. These masks are a bit expensive, but it offers the best purification system. Moreover, you can change or replace the filters if required.

  • Price and style-

While looking for the best welding respirators, you need to consider the style and price as well. You have to choose the design according to your work requirement. Also, consider the price and keep in mind the quality also depends on the amount. So choose carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions-

How can I protect myself from welding fumes?

The welding fumes are very harmful to health. It mainly affects the lungs, and frequent exposure to the welding fumes can cause severe respiratory system issues. It even causes lung cancer. You can prevent all these harmful effects by covering your nose and mouth properly with a welding respirator. These respirators can block toxic metals and filter the air that you are inhaling. Thus you can protect yourself from harmful welding fumes.

How should I clean my welding respirator?

You have to be careful while cleaning the welding respirator. You can’t wash every mask with detergent or water. On the packaging of a particular product, you will get the cleaning procedure mentioned. Otherwise, you can contact the individual brand’s customer service to know about the maintenance. 

How long does a welding respirator last?

The lifespan of a welding respirator depends on the quality and the build materials of the respirator. It also depends on how frequently you use the product. If you use the respirator in a heavily polluted area, the lifespan of the respirator will get shorter.

Final Words-

Prevention is always better than cure. And if you belong to the welding profession, you must be careful with your health. The harmful welding fumes are extremely harmful to your lungs and even cause cancer.

Also, it causes life altering and permanent health conditions. But these best welding respirators can give you protection to an extent. Though there are several brands available with various features. Through in-depth research, we have picked up the best welding respirators that are best in this field. You can choose any of these welding respirators and protect yourself from the harmful welding fumes. Hopefully, by following the mentioned buying guide, you can make the best purchase.

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